your space

This ambitious project was born out of a desire for inclusion, union, collaboration and feeling.
Small and big objects born to embellish the space carrying a deep meaning.

All the artists who contribute to making this idea a reality are emerging artists like us at The Barn. Revolutionary, innovative and with a great desire to communicate their message. Which is our message. Save the Planet is a revolution in which we want to participate with all our strength and means.

The Artist


Vittorio is an eclectic artist who recycles, creates and combines materials, ideas and thoughts in his works. To read and understand his art you have to be an ironic positive-thinker.

His studio?
A garden that he has transformed into his kingdom, with geese free to run among his works and a workshop ready to forge and sculpt his creations.

Santa Art creations


And so THE BARN was born, from a dream!